Cardano Foundation Partners With Rival To Develop NFT Marketplaces

The Cardano Foundation blazes on with its plans to further push the adoption and utilization of the Cardano blockchain. In a recent partnership, the world-leading Swiss non-profit organization announced its partnership with Rival Games. The prominent eSport and gaming brand delivers unique and interactive platforms for loyal fan engagement.

This partnership will facilitate the creation and distribution of NFTs and NFT-based digital assets. It will also facilitate the redemption of NFTs for goods and services. Even more, market-based royalties will enter the Rival platform.

Jeremy Firster — Head of Partnership and Executive Officer at Cardano, invited CEO of Rival — Matt Virtue for a virtual discussion about the partnership. Speaking on the recent model of fan engagement, Matt says,

In the same way, what Cardano and blockchain technology bring to Rival gamers is an elevated experience. Hence, Rival’s 1.8 billion global users can buy NFTs and other digital assets authentically. All in all, these assets will provide much future value.

Talking about Rival’s NFT-based games, Matt says that the solution Rival games hope to deliver to all its brands is a newly identified experience. This is an experience in a transaction that doesn’t quite exist today in the physical world. Brands and organizations can build and launch various NFT campaigns.

Leveraging on competitiveness, loyalty, and social interaction, the NFT enablement does provide Rival with the unique access point to mint on behalf of its clients. Certainly, this creates a better experience for redemption.

Moreover, the beauty of NFT technology is that it enables gamers within the Rival ecosystem to earn, accrue, purchase, and own NFTs. In turn, if they can show proof of ownership, they can potentially earn physical or digital rewards.

To sum up, Rival is reforming the ability to bring digital assets into the physical world. They are doing so through the unique IP redemption process. For instance, you can win a jersey on the platform and get a physical one.

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