IMF cuts Pakistan’s foreign debt needs to $25 billion, lowers growth forecast

The economic growth outlook for Pakistan has been scaled back to 2%, a significant drop from the government’s earlier forecasts. This revision reflects concerns over the country’s economic trajectory and emphasizes the urgency for structural reforms. Additionally, the inflation rate projection has been lowered from an initial estimate of 25.9% to 22.8%.

Pakistan’s finance ministry had previously reported economic figures that were not accepted by the IMF during their discussions, prompting a recalibration of these numbers. Despite the challenging economic conditions, Pakistan has secured a total of $6 billion in loans within the first four months of the fiscal year, including an extra $70 million installment from a larger $3 billion loan agreement, of which $2 billion was received in July.

These financial inflows are critical for Pakistan as they provide necessary relief amidst cash shortages. However, they also highlight the importance of implementing reforms and maintaining disciplined fiscal management to ensure sustainable economic health. As Pakistan navigates through its financial challenges, debt rollovers are expected to reach a sum of $12.5 billion, contributing to the country’s strategy for managing its obligations.

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