Agoric Unveils Orchestration for Next-Gen Web3 Applications

Revolutionizing Multi-Blockchain Coordination with Seamless User Interactions

Agoric, a layer 1 blockchain designed for chain abstraction, has today announced the roll-out of its Orchestration API. With this new toolset, developers can create next-gen Web3 applications that seamlessly coordinate digital assets and services across multiple blockchain ecosystems. As a result, users can now benefit from one-click interactions that can deploy their liquidity and access multiple blockchains in a uniform fashion.

With over $2 trillion in liquidity fragmented across different blockchains and their ecosystems (Ethereum, Solana, L2s, L3s, app-chains, sovereign rollups, subnets and more), users are too often left with complex, arduous experiences in Web3. Many have tried to solve this fragmentation issue by launching bridges and interoperability solutions, however, the experience is still limited due to the lack of programmability with existing solutions. Even simple use cases like paying with assets on one blockchain for services on another one require multiple user actions and signatures, leaving crypto assets trapped within isolated silos.

Orchestration changes the game for multi-chain use cases:

Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric Systems, is available for interview on request

About Agoric

Agoric is a layer 1 blockchain for orchestration. In the fragmented blockchain landscape, Agoric brings orchestration to Web3 to solve the chain abstraction challenge and foster composability and true interoperability that unlock a new era of universal liquidity.

Agoric is the brainchild of renowned computer scientists, Dean Tribble and Mark Miller. Their groundbreaking work in secure computing and distributed systems laid the foundation for Agoric’s innovative technology.

For more information, users can visit Agoric’s: Official Website | Twitter (X) | Discord | Linkedin

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