ceτi AI Secures $80M of NVIDIA GPUs and Hardware to Expand Global AI Infrastructure Network by 25x

ceτi AI is proud to announce an extended purchase agreement with Cedarcross International Technologies, Inc. for three additional high-performance computing (HPC) servers, each equipped with 8 NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) H100 Tensor Core GPUs, plus an option to purchase an additional 200 identical HPC servers. The agreement marks the completion of ceτi AI’s pilot-scale installation in British Columbia, and opens the door to a 25x expansion of the ceτi AI Global Infrastructure Network with additional GPU and server allocation through Q3, 2024.

The new servers, powered by NVIDIA’s most advanced H100 GPUs, are expected to arrive within approximately 45 days, further boosting the network’s capacity to support a broad range of AI application development and research. The firm’s pilot installation presents a state-of-the-art solution for web3 protocols, independent development teams, and advanced AI research teams in an 8-server, 64 GPU scalable unit that can be expanded linearly and indefinitely.

In addition to the network’s immediate expansion, the agreement also includes an option to purchase up to 200 identical HPC servers from Cedarcross through September 30th, 2024, underscoring both firms’ commitment to sustained growth and technological advancement in the decentralized AI space. ceτi AI has identified hyperscale data center candidate sites for the additional servers in Montreal, New Jersey, and Santa Clara, and is now in the process of securing investment for their purchase, installation, and initial operation.

Cedarcross International Technologies Inc. is an investee company of Alset Capital Inc., a publicly traded Canadian company listed on the TSX Venture exchange. Cedarcross specializes in providing low-cost access to cutting-edge, high-performance computing hardware, primarily powered by NVIDIA’s advanced H100 chips.

About ceτi AI

ceτi AI is at the forefront of the decentralized artificial intelligence (dAI) movement. Committed to innovation and accessibility, ceτi AI develops globally distributed, high-performance, scalable AI infrastructure designed to power the next generation of AI development worldwide. ceτi AI was founded in March of 2024 by long-time industry leaders Dennis Jarvis (CEO), Aaron Smith-Hayes (CTO), Austin Spencer (CFO), and Tony Evans (Chief Strategy Officer).

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