YakDAO Debuts $YAKS Token on Arbitrum, Innovating DeFi Real Estate

In a significant move within the decentralized finance (DeFi) real estate landscape, YakDAO is set to revolutionize the ecosystem with the launch of its native token, $YAKS, on the Arbitrum network, available for trading on Uniswap starting April 2, 2024. This launch is not just a testament to YakDAO’s innovative approach in DeFi but also highlights its pre-sale success and strategic partnerships aimed at fostering strength, resilience, and long-term success.

Innovative Integration of Real-World Assets:

YakDAO has ventured into integrating real-world assets (RWAs) into its ecosystem, with its first property in Brevard, NC. This venture according to the team, not only showcases YakDAO’s innovative spirit but also marks a significant step towards bridging the gap between decentralized finance and real world assets. The YakDAO’s Brevard property has begun generating revenue through bookings, illustrating how Real World Assets can play a role in the DeFi sector and contribute to the utility of the $YAKS token.

$YAKS Pre-sale milestones include:


YakDAO aims to revolutionize the fusion of luxurious glamping experiences with the dynamic world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Launched in 2022 to establish a global network of upscale camping sites, YakDAO blends the beauty of nature with the power of digital finance, starting with a successful glampsite acquired in 2022 as a testament to this innovative model.

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